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Do you know the number of breeds into which we horses are classified?

There are more than 150 breeds and types of horses and ponies. Each with it's own charecteristics. The smallest is the 'Falabella', which grows only 30 incshes high. They were originally bred in Argentina and kept as pets.

The largest breed is the Shire, originally developed in England. They may measure more than 60 inchs high and weigh more than 2000 pounds.s

Shires and others like Belgian,Clydesdale and Percheron are the strongest horses. The two fastest breeds are the Quarter horse and the Throughbred. The former runs .25 miles in about 20 sec whereas the latter can do a mile in 1.5 min flat. Now that is fast!

Breeds are commonly divided into-

1) Light horses

2) Heavy horses

3) Ponies

Each of the 3 main groups has many breeds. However, a single breed may include horses of more than one type.