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I am what one calls an artist by fits and starts. I mean, It's not my hobby and it's not something which you will see me doing in my free time. Sometimes some dam bursts inside me and I sit down to make mincemeat of art!

I am a voracious reader and one day when I was fllipping through a book, an article on the sleek SR-71 ( don't know what it is? Never fear, neither did I until 2 days back...) a fighter plane of the U.S - the fastest and the highest flying machine caught my eye. And the picture by the side looked so stunning, the plane flying miles above the clouds that it took all I could to keep from spoiling it. But u c , one can't stop itching hands can they......

It took me the good part of an evening to demolish the drawing, doing it fully in Adobe photoshop, and by the time I was thru well...., I could hear the mouse cursing me!!!!




Click on the right to view my other demolitions.. uh , I mean drawings.. Or if the horrors have already got to u well... seek solitude clicking on the left.