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The name's Venkat as in 'when cut'. I am 18 yrs old which bounds to be altered quite frequently based on the girl I meet (especially on the chat rooms.....).

I spend a lot of time on the net, and the bulk of time goes in chatting, cause I have nothing else worthwhile to do than send mails and chat, 4 the time being. As I already said, I have been bitten by the 'I'm bored' bug, and the idea of a site goes to my friends who talked me into making a fool of myself.


About myself, well I'm 5'10" and easily weigh less than 100 kilos. It is said that I'm an easy-going, funloving character with a 'million dollar smile'. Have big black eyes and two eh.. dimples.

 I love books, novels that is, especially Robin Cook's and Archer's. I just can't get up from a book unless I finish it. I also simply adore comics - 'Archies' is one of my favorites.

 I am crazy 'bout music . My choice being Rock , pop and reggae. If I start naming the groups and singers I like , well ur not going to patiently flip thru this site.

I have a loving family - dad , mom , a pesky bro and my granny . I just couldn't ask 4 anything more other than friends perhaps…..

Finally , I love to make friends, and I'll be real pleased if u cld mail me, be my 'mailpal' that is, and I'll also appreciate any suggestions or ideas that u give regarding this site.(other than comments such as 'throw the idea')



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