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They have a Golden coat and a light brown or silvery mane and tail. Most of them have white only on their face and legs below the hocks and knees. They belong to almost every breed except the throughbred. A Palomino mare mare and stallion often produce a foal of different colour. The Palomino line was developed in the U.S and Mexico.








Some breeders use the wird Albino to describe any horse with a white or pale coat. A true albino is that, which due to hereditary reasons lacks colour in it's eyes, hair or skin. It's offsprings also lack colour. One kind of Albino has pink skin, ivory coat, white mane and blue eyes. Another has brown eyes.









They vary greatly in colour. But the vast majority have a white area on the loins and hips with small, round or oval dark spots. They are somtimes called Raindrop Horses because of their spots. They also have white-rimmed human like eyes.Spanish adventurers first brought Appaloosas to North America. The Nez Perce Indians of what are now Idaho and Washington bred these horses in the Palouse river region. Their name comes from the word Palouse.