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Want to know how to make ur drawings realistic, I mean get the shadings right. Well here's our own Michelangelo , " Aswin " with tips and examples on how to bring life into your drawings. I guarantee his gallery has his own drawings....( thoh it's hard to digest)



This site by my pal, " Aaron " shows U how to make the dream of networking in C++ a reality. And that's not all, check out his views on Brain Drain and what not.A must see....



Get to know why life is beautiful, or about the ufo's doing their rounds. A philosophical site by " Abhishek " which really gets you thinking.... Check out his jokes....



To get to know more about programming, about MIT (the Indian one)go to 'personal' , the personal site of 'Erwin' , my pal Aswin's bro. Has cool entertaining stuff and links to actors and actresses. Wanna have fun ? What r u waiting 4?


Got problems on your comp. I have here links to sites that can relieve your tension. Harware faults, modem problems, planning to buy a new system? Check these sites out.

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Desktop Utilities

Desktop Architect

You like Desktop Themes but you neither have Windows 98 nor Windows 95 Plus Pack installed. Then Desktop Architect is for you. It lets you install, customise and even create windows desktop themes. You can customize the appearance of any desktop item and choose sounds for different events. You can even open, save and randomly switch themes, or create a BMP screenshot ( how'z that? ) of a theme and generate a self extracting EXE to distribute it.


The best known and the most used replacement shell for windows. It clears up your desktop and gives you substantially more control your interface layout. It look fantabulous, and is an excellent choice. The themes that that you get for litestep not only change the look of your desktop but also the functionality. Show Linux users That windows users can change shells as well!!!!!


Talisman lets you create a custom, graphical desktop. You can create and add almost any type of object to the desktop, attach any type of shell command or run any application. Objects can be programmed to react to mouse clicks or movement ( the best part is it include even hidden or invisible objects ) Anyone for pranks! All settings and pictures are stored in a database file. All you need to do is create more databases and add shortcuts to each on the desktop! Simply click to change your shell when you want!

Perfect Screens Pro

A virtual screens manager, this program lets you organise work on several screens ( desktops ) and gives the impression of working on several monitors. Get the picture. There is a toolbar on the top of your screen which has buttons for different screens, click on each and the appropriate desktop is before you. So you can work simultaneously on 4-5 monitors , screens actually. The advantage here is that you won't have a hundred minimised windows in the taskbar!

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The best MP3 player there is. Created by a twenty year old, Justin Frankel, and sold to AOL for more than $40 million, this software showed the world that free software can make money. With support for most audio file formats and customised interfaces, this product has taken the music world by storm.


Probably inspired by Sonique's radical interface and WinAmp's ease of use, it is the in thing now. As for features it does everything the others do. Heck, you better sit tight, it even supports IRC enabling you to download software from chat channels. What do u say to that! Looks stunning too.


If you thought that application interfaces have four borders and boring toolbars, take a gander at this player. It was created as a demonstration piece and it shows. Play it on your desktop if you don't mind attracting attention. Name your features and this player has it.


This is doing the rounds of law houses now. Hated by the music industry and banned in many U.S universities and simply loved by me!, it is the best search engine available,and the best way to find and download MP3's from the net. By creating a virtual community, Napster ensures a vast collection of MP3's for downloads.

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