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I love animals, the tigers of asia, the African elephants, the orangutans, rabbits and.... well u get the picture.

I hate it when people kill innocent speechless animals for their materialistic gain or just pleasure. This picture is of the "Imperial Eagle". This imposing bird, whose wing span is two metres, is today confined to Spain's Donana Reserve , Sierra Morena, Toledo Mountains and Estremadura Range. Massacred by hunters, farmers and egg collectors, it is now one of the most endangered creatures in the world.

Just imagine him soaring through the air , the wind rustling through his feathers, swooping and turning in the air, the ultimate picture of freedom. A shot , a scream, he comes crashing down to earth, to death- Pathetic. All for what fun, games. How would we like if one day men stole our own children from us. Why don't we think from other's point of views? When did we become so materialistic? Why aren't we more humane humans?

Remember - their fate is in our hands.



A bird in hand is worth two in the bush don't you think. This misters eye is what melts me everytime I see him.