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Some Horsy Terms


Bronco An Untamed Western Horse

Technically a male horse below 4 years.But it is generally used for any young horse.

Crossbred Bred from a sire of one breed and dam of another.
Dam Mother of a foal.
Filly Female horse less than 4 years old.
Foal A newborn horse.
Frog Elastic horny middle part of the soles of a horse's foot.
Gait Any forward movement of the horse.
Gelding A male horse which has had it's reproductory organs removed.
Grade Horse or Pony of mixed breed
Hand Unit to measure the height of horses from ground to point of withers. A hand is equal to 4 inches.
Mare Female horse more than 4 years old.
Mustang No , no not a four wheeled automobile but a wild horse of the western plains.
Pony Is any small horse, but usually refers to horses less than 58 inches tall.
Purebred Bred from horses of the same breed.
Sire Father of a foal.
Stallion A male horse that can be used for breeding.
Yearling Horse more than a year old but less than 2.
Withers Ridge between the horses shoulder bones.


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