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Copyright - 2000
A creation by Venkat


How the hell did they get here......? No, no, Hey , Theeesse I didn't put in.


wrkstzit hohgne oonnbongng skenngng?

Well folks, due to the unavailability of proper dubbing devices I am forced to act as an interpreter for these antz here.

"Find anything to eat out here?" " Nup, not yet but lets keep looking anyway."


"Man, check that out! Elephants!" " What? ur crazy, elephants hah! "

" Why else are these craters all over the place nitwit? I'm pretty sure there have been Elephants here."

" Well, amuse urself.But Funny sort of place is this anyway."

" Could it be (sigh) 'insectopia'? "

" You really are a laugh.Can't you see there's no dustbin in sight? " "Well, elephantopia maybe...(deeper sigh)" " Just find something to eat idiot, I'm ravenous."

" How bout that, they got everything laid out here. We're in for a feast. "

" A dry leaf! a FEAST!, Yuuuuucccccckk...."

" That's much better than finding bones in elephantopia. " " For god's sake, this ain't elephantopia. This is "You-gone-bananas-opia. I am dying of hunger here and all we find here is a bunch of prints of elephants having something written all over their feet. "

" Not to mention dry leaves. " " One more heirloglyphic from you and I'll personally throw you down a footprint. So there.... "

" We've been walking around so far. There's nothing to hog here. "

" That takes the biscuit, you can have ur elephants. I'm outta here. "

" Hey ! Wait for me........................................"