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Copyright - 2000
-- W e L c O m E --
A creation by Venkat


How the hell did they get here......? No, no, Hey , Theeesse I didn't put in.


wrkstzit hohgne oonnbongng skenngng?

Well folks, due to the unavailability of proper dubbing devices I am forced to act as an interpreter for these antz here.

"Find anything to eat out here?" " Nope, not yet but lets keep looking anyway."


" How about that, they got everything laid out here. We're in for a feast. "

" A dry leaf! a FEAST!, Yuuuuucccccckk...."

" Hey come on... somethings better than nothing"

" For god's sake, this isn't a feast. I am dying of hunger and all we find here is a dry leaf"

" Okay calm down, All we got to do now is carry on searching! "

" Man..... Bright theory.... "



" Doesn't that guy look funny with a ' Hey! mind if I butt in pose' ? "

" Ha ha, sure does, hey mister looks like you pushed your nose out too far this time"

" Just don't carry it too far, you nkgngkjf "

" One more heirloglyphic from you and I'll personally throw you down that... that... footprint. "


" That's it, that's just it. There were elephants here before us."

" What! Elephants hah, Keep your wise theories to urself will you"

" But this is just like them. Roam all over the place and leave behind stupid footprints."

" And would you care to tell me how a RHINO got into an elephants footprint ? " " Well...ah.. first he puts his hind legs in...then comes his butt.... Wait a minute. Could THIS be Insectopia ? "

" Nope ! No Dustbin in sight. Well you can have ur elephants. I'm off...."

" Hey! wait up........"

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